How to build a PBN under £500

Private Blog Network Intro

Starting a private blog network (PBN) can undoubtedly be a minefield. However, the basis of the network and its power come from the authority of the domains. Essentially, buying parts at auction or registering expired domains leverages the existing link profile of these domains by linking back to your money site.

Why I build PBNs and why you should too

They work. That is why. My first PBN was to see if it worked and see if I could rank relatively easy keywords for a site targeting local search results primarily. I wouldn’t have to spend all that much money to see if it brought in products. In short, it did and continues to. I started with low-quality free blog sites, which didn’t do too much, but still helps. Note that these were new domains under the free sites, not even previously registered ones with backlink profiles. I only created a few until I did more research and realized the true power doesn’t lie within free blog sites. Before that, though, I registered a couple of new domains as part of the PBN, which, although it is not the main strength of the network, was still something I did to build links to these sites over time. As my knowledge grew, I realized that GoDaddy auctions were an excellent source of high-quality domains. I was combined with using a website called to filter and sort the good from the bad.

Using tools such as Moz’s Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs to check out the link profiles of the site, I now had an armory at hand. I now have a few expired domains, and I registered them with various hosting companies to have them all with unique IPs. I also bought a part at auction with a Page Rank (PR) of 3 and a good backlink profile. This PR3 site has undoubtedly brought a whole lot more power to the network.

After creating a blog site using WordPress and posting just one article on the domain, the link to my money site was cached and instantly jolted several of my money sites’ keywords up the search engine rankings. So far, this network has a few free blog sites, a couple of newly registered domains, two expired domains, and one action bought the field. On Ahrefs, the money sites stats have increased significantly, domain rank and page authority have improved. Keyword rankings have improved, with numerous page one rankings and quite a few top-five results too. Relating this to what the PBN is meant to be, I only have three domains with one link on each. Therefore the power of PBNs is undoubtedly clear to me.

PBN Example

I’ve taken what I have learned in the past about building these networks and am now applying it to a much more competitive industry. A few months into creating the PBN, averaging around ten sites per month to the network and seeing significant improvement in the search result rankings. None of the keywords are on page one yet, but several on pages two and three, and remember, these are much more difficult to rank for. Currently, at 20 sites in the network and daily improvements on rankings, we will see what happens. 

Build your own PBN for under £500

You can pretty much get any cheap hosting service for around £15-20 yearly. Buy some good domains at auction. You will typically pay anything from $30 to $50 for a PR1, $50 to $100 for a PR2, $100 to $150 for PR3, etc. (note that I am quoting prices in Dollars because this is the currency GoDaddy sells in). So, doing some quick sums:

  • Seven PR1 domains at on average $40 = $280 / £195
  • Two PR2 domains at on average $75 = $150 / £105
  • One PR3 domain at on average $125 = $125 / £90
  • Hosting = £150

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